Zune Slow On Vista, Win 7, Cursor Slow When Zune Up [SOLVED]

Are you wondering why your Zune is slow on Vista? I was wondering why my Zune causes slow cursor movement whenever I bring Zune up. I read up on the subject, and, if you have current Zune software, and your Zune is still running slow, on Windows 7 even, and with a quad processor, know this:

"Zune design was future thinking"

"Zune design was future thinking"

There is a whole bunch of graphics effects, etc. So what helped me (thanks for the tip on one of the Vista forums), is the following. Start up Zune and go to


Then change the slider from the middle (where it was for me) to leftmost position, toward BASIC.

This was counter intuitive as the left most position is no-frills WITHOUT graphics acceleration, and a bit to the right is no-frills WITH graphics acceleration, and acts like a hog.

Must be my old graphics card!?
Anyhow, having slided this all the way to the left, Zune software became really really swift, and I have not seen any loss of functionality, go figure!

Zune, I was told, is one of the best music management software, better than iTunes. I could believe that as I uninstalled iTunes soon after I installed it. It was awkward back then.

With this tweak, it became usable for me again. Yay!

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It was finally solved, great. Thanks for sharing the post

Anonymous said...


Laptop Service said...

The problem sounded a bit unique but good to now it was solved.......

Anonymous said...

My God, thank you. I can't believe this fix was so simple.

Disclosure said...

This sounds like a real sincere comment! Glad the post helped you!

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The Snappy Sneezer said...

Thank you I bought an old zune 30 g at a thrift store and have been frustrated with this horrible slow program and I didn't know I couldnt use my precious mediamonkey. You really helped speed this thing up. I still think mediamonkey is better but I will have to use this until I can find a beter cheap used mp3 player.

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