Taskbar Won't Auto Hide On Windows 7, Quick Solution

Windows 7 Auto Hide Taskbar Not Working?

With my new Windows 7 by HP, I have not had any noteworthy issues for about four months. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Today, the first minor glitch. Taskbar won't hide on Windows 7. I tried searching on forums for taskbar won't hide, hide the taskbar, how do I fix my toolbar, etc..

Alas, all I could find was guesses as of why this might happen. Also, confirmation about how it happens to many people, and how Microsoft is doing nothing about it? Whinneeeey!

Then I remembered that I had an exactly the same problem with my trusty Vista laptop, here http://annoyances-resolved.blogspot.com/2011/04/vista-windows-7-taskbar-wont-hide.html.

 I looked it up, and, indeed the solution for auto hide toolbar not working is right there!

Tried the Vista Taskbar Won't Hide solution on Win 7, and, yes, it works in just 15 seconds! I also found NO unwanted side effects of the operation. But I did follow the fix to the T.

Check it out here: Vista And Windows 7 Taskbar Won't Hide.

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