Sluggish Pointer on Windows Vista (And Win 7?) Reoccurred!

Another sluggish pointer occurrence, another chance for a better answer!

I have previously reported about Vista coming up from sleep with an extremely sluggish pointer/cursor and page faulting WDM Windows Desktop Manager. Back then the solution was to reboot.

Is that really the best way around this? No!


Today, I put the laptop to hibernate, woke it up. Sluggish pointer! The symptoms were exactly the same as before: 3-5 times slower pointer, slow windows, and page faulting Windows Desktop Manager. What else can I do but reboot? This would take at least 5 minutes if I am lucky.


One way to bring down WDM: Went to Control Panel (which now works flawlessly after fixing it yesterday, see Control Panel Not Working post), System and Maintenance, Performance Tools and Information, Adjust Visual Effects, $Visual Effects TAB, and went all the way down to uncheck Use Visual Effects on Windows and Buttons under Custom. Click Apply and wait, well 3 minutes.

The result? Nada. The mouse pointer, the windows were even more sluggish than before even though WDM wasn't even running.


Another way was to bring the whole system down to sleep, using the suspend button. Gues what, that worked like a charm, took maybe 20 seconds to suspend and maybe 5 seconds to get back and with no pointer or Windows slowness! So no reboot needed, just put your computer to suspend and back!


Have you experienced slow or sluggish pointer on Windows Vista or Windows 7? Let me know, leave a comment! Thanks! If this page helped you, bookmark it!


Mentor Matt said...

Yep, this worked for me again today. When using the wireless mouse pointer was very sluggish. Likewise when using the laptop's touchpad, the pointer was sluggish as well. It only took 30 seconds to fix this -- sending Vista to Sleep (not hibernate, sleep is faster) and then bringing it back from sleep. A real quick workaround.

Sunny said...

Do you find your windows system become more and more slowly after used it a few month, the reason is your windows registry stored much rubbish and it becomes bloated. To solve this problem, you can use windows registry cleaners software.

Disclosure said...

Sunny, good point. Which windows registry cleaner do you use, and are there any side effects? The sluggish mouse problem, however is not a problem that gets worse over a period of time of a few months, it is an instant symptom.

Disclosure said...

Another testimony of successful solution to the problem "mouse cursor slow".

Brought the system down to sleep and back in 20 seconds, no more slow mouse cursor.

Let me know if this helped you too (or NOT) by posting a comment below!

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone who can actually give good advice. Even the Acer support couldn't help. My laptop started doing strange things yesterday. All my attempts to reboot, safe mode, last known good config... none worked. I ended up with a totally unresponsive computer. I've spent hours trawling the net for help. Your post re failing to boot, and now sluggish mouse has got it all working perfectly. Thank you so much.

Disclosure said...

Thanks, anon. I appreciate your comment and sincere praise.

Anonymous said...


I hope this experience on my Laptop Dell Latitude E5520 can help someone.

In a given moment, I changed the ENERGY OPTIONS from de DELL original settings to “Do nothing” on every one of the “With altern current “column settings; because I was leaving my computer doing a “taking time computing job” and I didn't want the system to interrupt the procedure.

Then I forgot the issue (and of course I didn´t restored Energy the settings to the ORIGINAL setting, just chosen: 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes on the right column instead of “Do nothing” used to do my work).

Few days after, I closed my computer's lid for about 5 minutes or less, and when I opened again to follow my work, but the pointer and the mouse wheel became very sluggish.

That happened to me EVERY TIME after I was interrupting my work for few minutes by closing the Lap-Top lid.
Obviously I wondered why this was happening.

No clue at all!

I tried several things, like changing the Windows system mouse settings; then I changed the Logitech Mouse driver settings but NADA anything worked.

Then I searched Internet and arrived to this site. After reading your advices, I remembered the change I did on the ENERGY OPTIONS.

So I went to the Energy Options setting, and clicked in to the option “Restore the predetermined configuration” (DELL’s Settings), and YEAHHH!

Now the pointer, and the “Mouse Wheel “ are working FLAWLESSLY!.

Disclosure said...

Anon, Thank you for your detailed and helpful comment! Bookmark this site or Follow and come back when you have more solutions!

Anonymous said...

YES! This worked perfectly. THANK YOU!

Jt Hollister said...

What a joke of an OS. Every moment I spend in Windows reminds me why I prefer OS X a million times over.

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