SOLVED: Vista Control Panel Blank, Not Coming Up

Shocking: Something or Somebody is trying to take control of my computer away from me.


As you are beginning to notice I like to stay on top of things with my computer. So last night I was going to access Vista Control Panel (CP)on one of my laptops (Acer Aspire 5570z Vista SP2). I hit Start/Control Panel. The window pops up and the Control Panel does not get populated with graphics and options. Vista Control Panel stays empty, blank! I wait.

Nothing. The silly light green bar over the top of the window grows toward the right, almost reaching the right edge. As if there is progress made. You know better. Nada. Zilch. Blank white window. No control panel.

I left the computer like that overnight. No dice. No Control Panel.


Luckily a click on "Classic View" brings up all the items in the Control Panel so I can do whatever I wanted. And, miraculously, I can click "back" to Control Panel Home, and the graphical, default Control Panel (CP)pops up! Problem solved?


A quick search for similar problems on the internet finds a variety of possible causes: Slowness caused by indexing of hundreds of thousands of files. This I excluded because my problem is not slowness, my problem is CP not working period. Ever. Plus I do not index anyways.

Another site suggests again that "slowness" of the Control Panel might be due to other applications such as Apple QuickTime. Indeed, I know that is a part of CP display. And, yes I remember, just yesterday Apple popup came up, offerin the upgrade of my Safari browser to 4.0 something. Which I declined. Is this Apple playing being offended?

Yet others suggest that control panes might take a long time because of lengthy registry searches. Could be but, this is not lengthy, this takes forever.

Finally, I came across a quite likely solution: Spicks and Speckled at came up with the problem and the solution that will probably work, it just looks too good not to work :
I came across this problem – but I'd been disabling lots of services as most weren't needed.
I found I couldn't open the control panel, or the power plan (power options) tool.
I fixed this with (from command line – i.e. start->run->cmd)
sc config SLUINotify start= auto
sc start SLUINotify
sc query SLUINotify
You can also fix with this command line tool to get into the services control gui (since I couldn't start it with the control panel)
look for> SL UI Notification Service
I found the service does not stay running, but my control panel works now as well as the power plan changer. I guess it must start and stop as needed.

I also observed, like him, that the power button in he Vista Tray did not work properly. Left clicking on the battery button brings up the "Fully charged 100%" window, but I can not go into the power options, just like he describes. Well I was able to get into the "Classic View" in my case (see Workaround above) so I went there.


Went to "Start/Control Panel/"Classic View"/Administrative Tools/Services. Indeed I find SL UI Notification Service set to "Manual" and not started. Changed that to "Automatic" and started the service. By the way SL stands for Software Licensing Activation and Notification and UI maybe stands for User Interface? Sounds really like Apple was trying to do yesterday, install software?

Anyways, starting the SL UI works great. Does it solve the problem?? Let's see: NOT !! No Dice! I also restart Software Licensing service which in turn restarts SL UI. Still, no solution.


No solution for now. I'll restart the laptop to see if that does it. Then maybe, Ill install Apple Safari version 4. In the meantime, you and I can use the Workaround above.


Couldn't stay away with an unsolved problem... I restarted the laptop and Control Panel works like new. The solution therefore is: Set Service SL UI on Automatic. See EXPERIMENT WILL TELL above. Then restart Vista.


Do you have the same problem? Let me know, leave a comment. Have you solved this or similar problem? Let me know, leave a comment. Do you know why I had to restart Vista to fix this? Let me know, leave a comment! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

I just had the same problem on an ACER 5536 which I had bought for my daughter and had removed a load of the crap it came with (control panel was working fine to do this). Followed your instructions as above, rebooted and hey presto! Many thanks, Steve

Mentor Matt said...

That is great to hear, Steve! Makes sense to remove the "crap"! Thanks for letting us know there are other instances when control panel is not coming up! Helps every visitor here! Much thanks for leaving a comment!

Anonymous said...

it didnt work for me man!!!! PLZ HELP ME!!!! my control panel isnt working!!!!

Mentor Matt said...

Anonymous, it would really help if you described your problem and what exactly you did in a lot more detail. What is "it" in "it didn't work for me man"?

Anonymous said...

When I write "sc config SLUINotify start= auto" and touch Enter ,
It said
[SC] OpenService failure 5:
Access is denied.

What do I do next?

annoyances resolved said...

Anonymous, Your access is denied. Try running as an administrator.

Anonymous said...


online tech support said...

Vista is just horrible all around. Thanks goodness for Windows 7 though! Shewww! Microsoft pulled itself out of a hole!

Disclosure said...

Online tech support, Vista is not at all that bad, if you know how to fiddle with it! And why would I pay $100 for the upgrade to Win 7 if I can find a solution right on THIS blog?

I just found 3 people on various posts here solved their problems without the need to call in reinforcements ;)

Anonymous said...

thank you, did work for me ,that service was down, no control panel (vista), up and running = hurray.

Disclosure said...

You are most welcome! Bookmark this site or follow this blog and come back if you have other issues with Vista.

Only1Jac said...

Hi, I have followed this advice: from command line – i.e. start->run->cmd)
sc config SLUINotify start= auto
sc start SLUINotify

On both steps I have the same problem as anonymous: access is denied.

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with Control Panel blank with Windows 7 - so I don't think people can blame Vista...

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