How To Speed Up Firefox Tab Switching

This tip will help you switch the tabs in Firefox much faster.
Especially if you, like me and many other users of this site, have many tabs open at the same time, possibly many windows in Firefox.

What you do is you reduce the minimal tab width in Firefox thereby allowing more tabs in one window. This reduces the number of windows needed. It also removes the need to "scroll tabs" left or right in Firefox.

How? Simple.

Start by typing about:config in your Firefox address bar. Locate item browser.tabs.tabMinWidth and set its value to 50 or some value smaller than the original value. Mine was 100 to start.

That's it!

There are indications that having fewer windows open in Firefox on Vista will reduce problems with blinking buttons and unresponsive behavior!

Let me know if this small change helps you navigate your Firefox tabs faster, and if it prevents Firefox from becoming unresponsive! Please leave me a comment with your observations!

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