SOLVED: Searching Browsing History. Viewing Recent Internet Browsing History

While I was preparing materials for my previous annoyance-resolved post, I needed to fetch websites I was on and view the pages to retrieve pertinent information. Looking into firefox browsing history I was quite shocked to just see the huge number of web pages I visited recently. Must be over 1000 pages just last week! Recent internet browsing history in firefox showed just the url of the page by default. Later I found one can see the date and number of visits, and that is it. I wanted to search my browsing history.

That proved out of reach of firefox. I looked at my firefox cache which showed just 10 Megs of Cache, which didn't reach very far, not even one day. Useless! I increased that to 100 Megs but that still seems inadequate.

I searched google for

find my browsing history
search browsing history
internet browsing history
view browsing history

I found Firefox plugins to help track browsing history and view or display browsing history, but not to search it. Not helpful.

Finally found a nice article by Ann Smarty from at

She presents a collection of 4 choices. Because I was specifically looking for a solution to help with searching my browsing history, the first choice made immediate sense: INFOAXE.

Even the visual layout of INFOAXE was immediately suggestive that searching browsing history is the main reason for its existence. Infoaxe results look like Google results. How can it be any easier?

Go to to sign up. I suspect one day the service will become a paid service, but it is free for now, in its alpha version.

The benefits of infoaxe are:

  • All browsing history is stored on infoaxe servers so you don't have to use your own disk
  • Installation is simple
  • You can install it on both Firefox and Internet Explorer browser so, if you routinely use both you don't need to remember which one did you use when you found certain information
  • Compared with bookmarking, there is no additional annotation work required.
  • Nice and unintrusive tool bar/status bar choices. You can search your browsing history straight from the tool bar or status bar.
However there are internet browsing privacy concerns and I will write about how to delete your browsing history when needed in the next post on infoaxe.

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