Blogger Comments Not Working? Fix Here

Hi, My Blogger Comments were not working lately. I have a rather old blogger blog from around 2009, and in 2011, May the comments stopped to work. I found many complaining in the forums about blogger blog comments not working.

The symptom is that the sentence "post a comment" appears, but there is no link to allow you to open the comment box. I don't know about the solution, but here is the workaround:
Go to,
to Dashboard/Design,
then to Settings,
then Comments,
and use one of the two:
Pop-up window
Full page
Do NOT use Embedded below post type comment! Comment below if that helped you (and to prove that now the comments are working)!


Tech-Tejash said...

Visit Here for complere step by step guide to enable comments in customs blogger template blogs

Disclosure said...

Thanks Tech for

1) confirming that my solution works by posting comment
2) adding additional possibility which requires going into the blog template

Anonymous said...

test from IE

BU said...

hmmm; let's see if this works...

Brandy Nightingale said...

Hoping this works . . . :0) Thank you.

aalia lyon said...

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