LogMeIn Plugin Crashes Firefox, Demands Upgrade, Upgrades In Wrong Directory

Now that is a handful. But there is a solution below for LogMeIn Plugin Crashes Firefox problem...

Finally, I found a solution, I posted it on LogMeIn knowledge base forum, it looks like this:

I had version 1.000.526 or so of logmein for firefox. The new version was supposed to be 1.000.608.

I'm running Firefox 3.6.8 and I was prompted several times to install new logmein plugin. After doing so, it turns out (had to check extensively the file system for this) that:

*** logmein downloads and installs the new plugin files into a directory


This is the directory on a faster disk where I moved my xxxxxxx.default firefox directory.

However, mozilla firefox 3.6.8 looks for the plugin in the directory

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\npRACtrl.dll

I had to go in and manually copy the new 608 npRACtrl.dll into the C:\... location above for the new plugin to be used and for the nagging to upgrade to stop... and for the firefox crashes to stop... looks like... for now.

Please advise how we can do upgrades in the future... without messing with the filesystem so much... and doing it the RIGHT way!

Thanks LogMeIn!

Oh, I'm posting this on http://annoyances-resolved.blogspot.com so you can add your solution in the comments there if you will!


Adam said...

Thanks for the tip. I disabled my plugin and was able to access the files I needed.

Disclosure said...

You're welcome, Adam. I am going to check now with LogMeIn if they did something about it?!

Brad Fallon said...

Firefox Crashes with crash signature. How do I fix?

Disclosure said...

Brad, posting your actions before the crash, your computer and browser specs, and the error message would be a good start. That way we can better be of help.

Alex Gold said...

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!! Great help!!!


Eugene Goldman said...

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