Windows 7 Solution to Vista Annoyances?

Windows 7 promises to end scores of annoyances with Windows Vista. One of the annoyances I discussed in my earlier post about Vista unable to wake up from suspend or hibernate.

Microsoft understands that Vista was a major step forward from Windows XP. However, it was also a much more complex and demanding operating system than the XP. Microsoft realized that what they need now is a smaller step forward, more polished, and more user friendly. Sounds like there will be fewer annoyances with Windows 7! Microsoft says:
"When we asked what you wanted in a PC, you told us to make it simpler and easier to use. We listened. And we built Windows 7 to make your PC simpler and the things you do every day easier. Now, it's nearly ready. Windows 7 is on its way to manufacturers, and will be available on October 22"

Improved Taskbar and fullscreen previews:
New Windows 7 taskbar
Get the picture: See what's open

Jump Lists:
A leap in efficiency: Jump Lists provide quick access to common tasks 
A leap in efficiency: Jump Lists provide quick access to common tasks. Programs can prepopulate jumplists for easy navigation.

Desktop enhancements. Wouldn't you like more ways to move, resize windows, and sometimes just get them out of your way? Example: You can make all windows, or all but your current window invisible by "shaking". Invisible windows:
Now you see them...
Now you see them...
Now you don't: See through to the desktop with invisible windows
Now you don't.

There are a lot more enhancements and simplifications in Windows 7. See One Minute Microsoft Windows 7 Video at Media
What are your biggest annoyances with Vista? Or Windows XP? What would you like to see resolved or improved in Windows 7?  Post a comment below.

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I've recently added "The Best Way To Sell Windows 7" in the side bar. Check it out if you are interested in buying Windows 7. It just may end your computer annoyances!

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