4 Fashionable Ways to Protect Your Laptop in Style


Today's business professionals, students, even work-at-home professionals do not like to be tied to a single location. They need and want to be mobile. They like to enjoy working from the airports, Starbucks locations, libraries, or hotels. Laptops, and more recently, netbooks are a preferred way for them to be able to accomplish serious amount of work anywhere, anytime.


The movements, shifts, vibrations, even accidental drops are expected to cause substantial stress on laptops and netbooks. The part most exposed to such stress is the hard disk. Hard disks are virtually the only moving part in netbooks and laptops. Hard disks are very sensitive to shocks, vibration, even loud shouting!


High operating temperature is another major reason for laptop and netbook hardware troubles. Especially when the computer is exposed to direct sunshine and when operating at high processor  utilization. Such as having many programs running at the same time.


As a mobile professional you do not want to compromise your mobility. You can, however, minimize the risk of computer damage. Here are three ways to do that:
buy laptop or netbook skin
Laptop skin. These are thin and are attached to the back of your laptop cover. They can be very stylish. Go all out and let them show your personality. At the same time they protect the most ding and dent-sensitive part of your laptop.
buy laptop or netbook sleeve 
Laptop sleeve. These are relatively thin enclosures and should tightly fit your laptop or netbook. They are made of leather or neoprene. Some netbooks these days come with a sleeve. If not, that is a worthy extra expense. You do want to be stylish here. Depending on your style, you can pick up a single color skin, like black, or you can go with an artsy, colorful skin. Go all out, protect your computer in style!

buy laptop or netbook case or bag
Laptop bag or case. These are larger and will house your computer accessories such as the charger, the USB  or bluetooth external mouse, the chill pad, perhaps a headset and a microphone. For extra padding I recommend using a laptop bag big enough to fit in your laptop already snuggly stored in a skin or sleeve.

buy laptop or netbook chill pad or cooling padLaptop chill pad. A chill pad will protect your laptop or netbook from high temperature. High operating temperature can damage both your hard disk, the CPU, and the motherboard. Computer problems caused by overheating are difficult to diagnose and expensive to fix.


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