Note:; How To Delete Browsing History

Doing research on infoaxe it dawned on me that great many people are interested in erasing, deleting, and getting rid of browsing history. Not so many are interested in searching it! That was a surprise to me. Considering what people are using internet for these days, maybe I shouldn't be that surprised!

Erasing browsing history is normally never needed with infoaxe. Sometimes, however, you may want to consider deleting your browsing history.

Why? You may realize you have data that you don't want to take a chance on. Infoaxe is still in its alpha version. The service is buggy so the information may not be 100% secure. For example, many links on the website do not work, and even though the FAQ promises you can delete any entry, the delete links currently do not exist.

From the FAQ:

How can I delete stuff from my Web Memory?

If you see something in your web memory that you want to delete, click on the delete link that appears next to the search result snippet. You have the option of deleting just that page or all pages from that site. It will take about 2 minutes for the changes to take effect i.e. for it to stop showing up in your search results.
The delete links currently do not exist and the only way I see to remove your browsing history from inforaxe is to delete your account. If that is what you want, login into go to FAQ and hit the delete link, and then on the delete page, hit the delete button. This action can not be undone.

In conclusion, use infoaxe for your web browsing history search but proceed with caution. Use the Record On/Record Off buttons deliberately. Infoaxe is in the alpha stage and YOU are on the leading/bleeding edge of a bookmarking revolution. Worst comes to worse, you have an exit strategy.


Anonymous said...

I want to delete infoaxe from my computer...It comes with google toolbar thanks

Disclosure said...

Anonymous, just follow the directions above, you'll do fine.

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