How To Change Firefox Location Bar Search Engine

One last remnant of StopZilla's system modifications during install that it won't fix by uninstall: It changed the Firefox location bar search engine from google to ask. Thanks, but I didn't want that when asking for help with my malware. And I didn't mean uninstall everything you installed, StopZilla, except the Firefox Toolbar, and the Firefox Location Bar Search Engine, you see?

I meant uninstall Everything you installed, StopZilla! (You're not making any friends, have you noticed?)

Well this last piece is really easy to fix: How to change the Firefox Location Bar Search Engine. I found this on and modified it from  "I'm feeling lucky" display to regular google search:

Perform this simple steps:
1. Type about:config in Firefox location bar and press Enter
2. Type keyword in Filter textbox and you will see only the preference keyword.URL.
3. Double-click on keyword.URL and change the value to:
That's all it takes to restore default keyword search functionality in Google.
Note: You can use this to change to any search engine for keyword search
 Voila! Hopefully this concludes the "How to completely uninstall Stopzilla" series ;)

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