Recurring Laser Printer Paper Jam Problem - Recurred


I was just telling you two days back about the persistent recurring laser paper jam problem. Every time I attempted to print the first page would print fine, but the second page never printed. Sometimes even the first page only came out of the printer 2/3 of the way. I fixed this problem by finding manufacturers directions, followed them, and, voila, the problem was solved.


Two days later, I find that the problem of recurring printer paper jam is still not gone, only transformed. Today I wanted to print a larger document. I found that printer stopped printing after the first page, blinking a red "Paper" light and refusing to print further. All I needed to do was to push the big print button on top and the next page came out. Or, if that didn't work, I had to pull the paper tray open and push it back in, press the big print button and printing would resume. See below to understand why this worked. Not as annoying as before but still, not quite functional.


As this problem could still be classified as a paper jam problem, I followed the same manufacturers (Brother) directions again. I opened the printer up, removed the tray and the drum, cleaned the rollers thoroughly with a wet cloth and I made sure I cleaned all of the rollers. Replaced the tray and the drum and went for a test print.

Heavens!!?! Now printouts came out just terrible, there were big black smudges on paper and the second sheet even got stuck in the printer, causing a massive paper jam. Not great. I pulled all the jammed paper out and retried. It did come out better, and after the third printing, the smudges and the jammed paper were not recurring again. Next time I should have let the rollers dry before the test print!


However, my problem with the second page not printing was not gone. However, this time it was different. When I needed to print two or more pages, printer would print the first page fine. The second page, however, would not be printed. I inspected the tray and saw that the second sheet of paper would consistently be lifted out of the tray and lay on the "separation pad". Never made it any further. I tried several times.


From all the materials that I read about the problem I concluded that the worn out pickup roller was the culprit. It did appear smooth and slippery in places indeed. Tried cleaning it again, even with alcohol (the manufacturers directions do not suggest that because of the fire hazard). I even "roughed it up" using a sharp knife and at one point I was able to print two pages at the time, but not three. I gave up. My current theory is that I was able to fix the dirty separation roler and dirty separation pad but the pickup roller was beyond repair.


So finally, I replaced the printer. I had previously bought another HL-2040 so that was easy for me, I had a spare one. I'm okay.


If you do not wish to buy a new roller or Buy new laser printer, the workaround is to print the first page, then open and close the paper tray (this pushes the second sheet back into the tray), press the Go button, and print another page. Quite annoying but at least you don't have to remove stuck paper from underneath the drum as before.

Another workaround is to print using manual feed. That still works, one sheet at the time. You may even want to set your print software preference to "manual".


What is still unclear is why the first page from the tray always prints???


Do you have a better solution? Let me know, just leave me a comment below! Here are a few suggestions which I haven't tried. If you do, let me know if they worked for you!

First other solution would be to buy a rubber roller rejuvenation can. That could extend the life of your rollers.

Second solution could be for you to buy a new roller. See this website. You'll have to contact the company by phone.

Third solution:  Buy a new laser printer. In fact, do like I did. Buy Two New (or Used even) Identical Laser Printers. They are not that expensive. This roller problem was not the first problem where spare parts from the second laser printer came in handy. I had issues with the drum, the toner, the toner refills, you name it, before. All easily and successfully resolved with spare parts from another printer. And the reason I bought two laser printers at the same time? The price was right, and I knew the laser printer models change quickly so the model may not be available when you need spare parts. And the last reason: The cost of repairs of laser printers in the USA is quickly approaching the cost of a new printer. So there you have it. Buy two!

Either way, leave me a comment if you found a solution that worked for you!


Original Brother page for paper jam problems at Brother Solutions Center.

Techrepublic post on printer troubleshooting, see chapter on Clearing Paper Jams

Buy Rubber Roller Rejuvenator Can from fixyourownprinter

Another descritpion of the same problem I had from fixyourownprinter. The poster could get one step farther toward the solution if he knew of my post here.

Another article from Techrepublic, see chapter titled "Clearing Paper Jams"

Page where you can buy printer rollers at

Buy new or used laser printer from


Solved: Persistent laser printer problem: Page stuck under the drum, causing paper jam.


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I'm almost ready to go buy a new printer, but this one is a wireless and I hate going through that hassle of setting it up. Ok mine is a little different so let's see who has a suggestion. It started with a paper jam but then it went to horrible grinding noises but then printing anyway. Now it got to the point I had to unplug it. The cartriges slams from side to side continuously.and violently. HELP oh it's a hp F4580

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